1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card(Guang Dong)
1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card (Guang Dong)
1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card (Guang Dong)

Note: To comply with Real Name Registration of Mainland China mobile numbers, from 7 Nov 2016 customers with Mainland China mobile numbers will be notified via SMS, please submit Real Name Registration application via our website www.hk.chinamobile.com/en/realname.html, CMHK Shops or Hotline by the designated date, otherwise you cannot continue to use your Mainland China mobile numbers. Services with your Hong Kong mobile number will NOT be affected and tariff remains unchanged. For enquiries, please call CMHK Customer Care Hotline 29458888.

Anti-fraud Alert: Under NO circumstances will we or any Mainland China Authorities make phone calls to you to collect your bank account information, passwords or personal data.

Sale suspension of this Prepaid SIM Card is effective from 28 April 2016 onwards

Note: To comply with Real Name Registration of Mainland China mobile numbers, customers must submit Real Name Registration in order to use Mainland China mobile numbers, any un-activated “1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card (Guang Dong)” cannot be activated. Customers in possessions of these products please bring the SIM card with SIM card holder and relevant identity document* to any CMHK Shops to submit Real Name Registration and get a replacement SIM for card activation within the card activation period.
*Hong Kong/Macau residents please provide “Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents”; Mainland China residents please provide “Mainland China ID Card”; Taiwan residents please provide “Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents”; foreign residents please provide foreign passport.

From 4 Dec 2017, in order to obtain a replacement SIM Card, customers are required to visit CMHK stores/customer centre to apply for an upgrade to 4G/3G Prepaid SIM Card. Once the upgrade is finished, the remaining stored value and mobile number of the original Prepaid SIM card will be transferred to the new Prepaid SIM Card. Handling fee will be waived for replacement made by 31 Dec 2019.

  • Receive Incoming Calls in Guangdong (HK No.)at $0.25/min
  • Data Roaming Service in Mainland China $1.5/MB (Daily Capped at $3813,14)
  • Provide "Mainland China & HK Data Package"19,21
  • Mainland China Number goes with "Call Forwarding Service" & "Roaming Service"20
  • Charges are calculated by Hong Kong dollars
  • Mobile Number Porting service to “$148 1-Card-2-Number Prepaid SIM Card (Guang Dong)” is suspended since 29 Sep 2015.